Friday, February 4, 2011

A Thank You…

As the tripartite discussions between the Alberta Government, the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the Alberta School Boards Association, have come to an end, I reflect on what an amazing and innovative process this has been. Although I have existed on the sidelines learning from reading, writing, and conversations, I am grateful to live in a place where discussions such as this can occur.
The Honourable Dave Hancock, minister of education, and his officials have been admirably working at honouring an amazing Initiative, Inspiring Education, with the hope of transforming the way that we “do” formal learning in this province. Even though a new way could not unfold at this time, I offer out my sincere thanks to all of the people who passionately spent countless hours working together, as it is through integrity of word and action that we bring about transformation justly.  By treating our teachers with dignity and standing by their original contract agreement, that was provincially bargained for, my government has once again replenished my hope and trust in the powers that be.
Thank you.