Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Honour of International Women's Day

In honour of International Women’s Day I offer my thoughts in gratefulness, reverence but also vulnerability. My first child born was a son and although I was in love with him before he left my body, I felt drastically different with the emergence of my daughter Jillian…
The moment that the doctor placed that baby on my body my arms enveloping her, I felt a frightening surge of utmost responsibility. It was now my job to see to it that she lived in a world where she could do anything that she wanted to do without external society-created barriers. For her, I wanted a world where each individual was honoured for her or his gifts. This has been one of my challenges, especially living in rural Alberta where Jillian comes into daily contact with some boys, men and sadly women, who continue to create barriers for her and all of her female counterparts.
I am thankful that Jillian has more than just me as a mentor and so I offer out a tribute to women who have played a direct role in Jillian’s life towards becoming a strong young woman.

A teacher Michelle who introduced the Famous 5 to Jillian causing her the desire to see where they are buried and where they are honoured.
Her minister Barbara who continues to marvel at Jillian and other young women and their pursuits.
Her best friend’s mama Laura who Jillian believes is capable of getting out of any scrape – and she probably is.
My best girlfriend Kaye with whom Jillian sees as larger than life and more than capable of surviving anywhere she might be dropped.
Her piano teacher Karen who listens to her dreams.
Strong Femme Fatales of the past in black and white that adorn my girly’s bedroom walls.
             And her grandma who paved the way for many women in business and who left this earth but did not leave Jillian.  
Happy International Women’s Day and Thank you.
With Jillian in front of The Lincoln Center.

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