Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There but for the grace of God go I

Although attribution for this statement has been questioned, it was possibly uttered, by English reformer and martyr John Bradford, when he witnessed a prisoner headed for execution. 
This declaration comes up for me periodically in my meditations and causes me to wonder...
I learned to meditate when I was 18 years old and for this I am truly grateful. Evening meditations helped me get through my University years as well as when I initially began teaching. For some reason, throughout my 30’s and early 40’s, I forgot to meditate. Now in my 49th year, I meditate often, at least three times a day and sometimes for as little as one minute. The clarity that it offers me is unending and far reaching. But why now is this Bradford proclamation coming up again?
A reminder?
It is not for me to judge anyone and if I feel something unjust is being committed, it is for me to see that I too have acted unjustly and hopefully I will remember to offer love and support to those, in order for positive change to come about.
Offer love and support even when it comes to my Government, which is not The Harper Government but the people of Canada’s Government.
There but for the Grace of God go I.
The last time I was a card-carrying member of every existing political party, was when I was a young adult in University. It was important for me to go to every Leadership Convention and other political events and to have a voice while there. I know that I have only voted for a particular party once and that all other times, I have voted for a particular person.  Is it time once again, to belong to all of the parties in order to gain clarity or is educating myself along with the act of meditation, going to be enough?
I am puzzled with my Prime Minister’s actions not to answer questions from the people, citing often, “No comment.” Again, it is not his Government, but ours. When someone refuses to answer the very people he or she represents, he or she loses the confidence of those people. Is this what has happened or is there more going on? In the past, Governments have been confusing entities that now need to be un-muddled.  Some believe that partisan politics are no longer effective. This also causes me to wonder and spend much time reflecting.
And so, I will continue to meditate for clarity and direction, and educate myself with the particulars surrounding our current political situation with the intention to weed through the webs that are woven in order to vote for the person I believe is best suited for this noble endeavour, all the while knowing that I too have been evasive at times not wanting to comment.
There but for the grace of God go I.

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