Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Letter to My Mama

I miss you.



  1. Hi Buddy,
    I was thinking about your mom this weekend as I made sweet potatoes with Pecans on top. This is a great picture, it looks like Sutherland Park.

  2. Hello Sue, and thanks for stopping by. I kinda wondered if those were the sweet potatoes you were making. For such a skinny little lady, she sure loved sugar on stuff :)
    Good guess with Sutherland Park but it is actually the large park that was outside of Mayfair Pool. Number 7 bus headed directly to Mayfair Pool, which was the furthest city pool away from us. We didn't have to transfer and so we always went there for a summer day. Sometimes mom and dad would meet us in the park for a picnic dinner after work. This is me wrapped up in two sweaters 'cause I was so cold after getting out of the pool.
    She was a cool mom!


  3. Me too...
    Such a telling photo you selected to post here. Gayle was a such a beautiful lady inside and outside - very fond memories. Just last month I visited our old home on Cedar Island where I first met your mom as a wee girl. I still pictured her sitting out on the lawn with me looking rather like this. Love from A.Kim

  4. Thanks Kim - I want to go to Cedar Island one day :)