Monday, April 30, 2012

The Artist Inside...

I am a writer, therefore I write.

I have several encouraging messages that reside on the wall beside my desk. These inspirations persuade me to keep going. The aforementioned, is just one, and is a simple statement that speaks volumes.
As I have said before, I have been writing since I could, but did not really learn how I write best until I went back to University to do my Masters. While researching and writing, I discovered that I was over editing my work during the free writing process, instead of editing after. When it was revealed to me, I also knew that this practise was not serving me well.
As a writer, I am always looking for a better way to say something. Jeff Goins notes, as artists, “we are always waiting, never satisfied, waiting for that ultimate validation”, even when that validation is from self. He talks about a shift needing to take place, where one finally takes the artist inside, seriously.
I have one published piece, four blogs and have been invited to guest blog on two others. I write daily and am disciplined. Am I a writer?
Of course I am.
Jeff’s soon to be published eBook, You Are a Writer. Start Acting Like One, substantiates why I do what I do and I am grateful to hear my thoughts emulated through someone else. However, as the sun rises, I awake each morning and fight this battle that endures within me to avoid my pen, and I wonder if the artist in me will ever win or perhaps it’s as Bagger Vance says, maybe “its the game that can’t be won, only played. So I play. I play on.”
~ Ellyn

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