Monday, January 7, 2013

Why I Write...

I am a writer, therefore I write.
These are the words that face me as I sit at my desk to write each morning. Sometimes I wonder if I am trying to convince myself that I am indeed a writer or are they inspirational, reminding me to keep going.
Upon reading Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s post last week about the questions she is presently asking herself, surrounding her own writing, have given me the impetus to wonder about mine.
Do I write because that is just what I have always done? Do I write because I think I have committed myself to doing so? Do I write because the words in my heart want to spill out onto the page?
And like Oriah and other writers, the answers to these questions changes.
What is important to me today, is that I ask myself these questions and unlike Oriah, I am asking myself why…
~ Ellyn