Friday, January 11, 2013


 It is said that “the shortest path between two points is a straight line but what happens if that path gets blocked? When sediment impedes the flow of a river, it redirects, zigging and zagging instead of following a straight course. But like to the crow like meandering is to the water’s most efficient route, source to outlet, nature finds a detour.” Jake Bohm
Yesterday while a twitter friend and I were zigging and zagging about in our own little corners of the world, a straight line was presented. To connect us. I am in awe with this wonderful Universe that we live in, and bow in gratefulness.
I’ve quoted Jake Bohm before, the young character that David Mazous plays in Fox Network’s television show, Touch, but maybe I should give credit to creator and writer, Tim Kring. The way in which every instalment unfolds is not only tightly woven within each episode, but to the entire story and is obviously very important work for those involved and for those whose lives it touches, like mine.
These are the connections in life that hold me captive and cause me to be truly enraptured by life, hence the name of this blog. That one person in this world would be studying Mother Teresa and her profound life, and that at that moment another person would see a comment about Mother Teresa and would comment back, and very briefly and yet powerfully be bonded in goodness offering harmony, peace and warmth to each other, restores my faith that “if two points are destined to Touch, the Universe will always make it happen.”
Thank you Vicki for Anyway and for being with me yesterday, for your words… your vulnerability… your honesty… 

~ Ellyn