Monday, January 11, 2010

Thoughts About A Woman I Called Mom...

Books are made so differently now… This once dark green, now faded, copy of The Pitman Advanced Dictation Course, found its way into my hands this morning as I marveled at our little home library that my thirteen year old decided to organize yesterday.

The course book has no publication date stated in it and yet I know that my mother used in it 1957 when she attended the Oshawa Young Women’s Business College, also referred to as secretarial school.

As I leaf through the pages of shorthand squiggles that mean absolutely nothing to me, I wander back to the opening page where my mother has written her name, address and phone number. These are the squiggles that hold me captive. Repeatedly, I run my fingers over her first name… Now that she has left this earth, any scrap of who she was here, is what enthralls me.

I knew her as mom but she was more than just that, she had to be!

I invite you to engage in dialogue with me about your loved ones who no longer walk this earth... Hmm - or do they?


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