Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Gift is… My Words Part II

My gift is my words…
Today my friend Kaye receives her last Chemotherapy treatment. My heart surrounds her as she sits in that chair that I wish wasn’t so familiar, for the final time… When she comes home, we all wait… Wait to see how she fairs with this one.
She is a remarkable woman who has battled the beast and rid herself of this demon that invaded her life. However, within this demon, angels have emerged - Angels too many to mention. You see, when we give to the world, the world in turn, gives back. 
This woman I call friend, is and always has been
and she has remained so throughout her surgeries, consultations, exams and treatments, honouring this time away from her work, that she loves. This time has been about her and for as challenging as it has been, she has revered it as such.
Congratulations my friend – you did it!
And now we wait…