Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I have a friend...

I have a friend…
We have spent so much time together that we can finish each other’s sentences, move easily from one topic to another, talk on any subject and I even know what she is likely to order in any given restaurant.
We differ on political matters, organized religious matters and some social justice issues and yet I feel that our souls are, in some way, “created from the same block of clay”. (Albom, 2013)
There are very few things that I wouldn’t do for this friend and I can only hope that you too, have a friend.
Thank you my friend.
~ Ellyn

Monday, September 14, 2015

The First Agreement

Let my word be impeccable. The word that I write, think and utter. About myself and others.

I’m rereading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and I am once again struck with awe. It has been many years since I first read this little, albeit powerful, book and is the only book that I know of, that my husband has read twice. I am encouraged by my daughter asking me about it. Encouraged because, she is in her first year of University, studying Commerce and when she told me that the Dean mentioned that it is his favourite book, I was taken aback but warmed by the notion. Encouraged to know that someone who is business minded is also honouring his spiritual side. Encouraged to know that my daughter will continue to surround herself with people who inspire her to use her gifts and talents for good in this world.

And so, today, when the little book called to me, I once again am making a commitment to use the power of my word in gratefulness, for truth and for love.

“Today is a good day for a good day.” - Savannah Simon

~ Ellyn

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Privileged Life...

I live a privileged life.

I have spent the majority of my life, in some sort of capacity, with children. Gratefully.

For me, yesterday was just another Saturday in just another gymnasium, spent enjoying young basketball players immersed in a passion for sport. As it has been over the years, I observed parents enjoying that their children have this opportunity for camaraderie mixed with competition. Some parents see their children as little selves and want desperately for those little beings to be the best and to entertain them, while others just let everything go and let their children experience. I am not saying that one way is right or wrong, but that it just is.

And then, like it is every so often, I get to notice grace. I was privileged to be on the outskirts of a dialogue between a father coach and a child player, whereby the father made certain that the child was playing her game for herself, and that it was just that. Her game, not his, and that she could take this game with her team anyway that she chose. He wanted to be sure in a very quick few seconds that she was not playing to please him. A lovely moment in time.

I live a privileged life.

~ Ellyn