Friday, July 13, 2018

Summer Goals

My son was always an inspiration when it came to setting goals. During ski season, he would set goals, during volleyball season, he would set goals. When he was a little fella, and on the first day of summer holidays, at home, he would tell me his goals for the summer, even when it was merely, land a flip on the trampoline.

This summer, I decided to follow his lead and prioritize a few things and then set some goals for myself. I do this often, in my mind but when I put something to paper, I feel even more committed to it. And so, here are my priorities this summer, as well as my goals:

Every day that I am at home I read, run and meditate along with all of the other things that I do in my yard, garden, greenhouse and house.

My goals are to read a book a week, be able to run for 30 minutes nonstop, write daily, smile more and breathe easily.

It’s the second week of July and so far I am on track, with the exception of my writing. It’s the tough one, the one that I avoid. Hmm, I wonder why? I guess I’ll go write about that…

How about you? Do you set summer goals?

~ Ellyn

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Song of a Nation

It’s Canada Day and there are times I feel anxious about celebrating it in its entirety but in all actuality, 
I’m proud that I live in a nation that is willing to go to the edge and have tough conversations about 
being Canadian. There are traditionalists who feel that they need to hold on to what they have been 
taught or have learned or have experienced about the history of our country and there are those 
challenging us to make it better and hear a different side of our history. We are just at the beginning of 
a journey with each other and I couldn’t be more impressed to live here where we can walk together, 
listen to each other, and move forward in understanding. And so, on this our Canada Day, I listen to 
our anthem with gratitude and humility, loving that it has been changed and altered so many times 
over the course of its life. How cool is that? That we are willing to change it in order to capture who we 
are as a people, in a certain time. I feel glorious and free and I wish everyone a very 
Happy Canada Day!

~ Ellyn

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