Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Have you ever awakened to a dream that seemed real? A dream that answered a question to a challenge you were facing, so much so that you chose to shake it off and bury it within the depths of your being? (Inspired by Being Erica.)
For these thoughts, like many, I am once again drawn to the words of William Shakespeare, from Hamlet’s celebrated speech:
Where I wonder, does consciousness “make cowards of us all”? Shakespeare actually is referring to a person’s conscience in this passage but I keep seeing consciousness and think about the interpretation of dreams which dates back many years and through most cultures from ancient theories of souls adventuring out of a body to modern day MRI scans that track brain waves during a sleep state.
And Alice fell down a rabbit hole and her dreams became reality. Stories, plays and movies have long encompassed the subject of dreaming, from The Wizard of Oz to Inception causing me to wonder about other creative people and their thoughts surrounding dreams.
Since I started meditating before sleep and asking myself the deeper questions that reside in me, the remembrance of dreams has become a regular occurrence, with the only difference from the aforementioned being that I no longer ignore these dream awakenings.
Six or maybe seven years ago, I sat down to work on my Masters, write from home and immerse myself as a stay at home parent. As my son graduates and prepares to leave home and my daughter steps into grade eleven, I am ready to take on a new challenge and have been applying for some exciting positions. The thing is, I take what I do seriously and have never not loved whatever it is that I do. This leads me to question much, and whenever I think of something I’d like to add to my life, I get these weird dreams which cause me to reflect… do I really want to make a move or not? The other evening and before sleep, I asked that my inner wisdom present me with some clarity surrounding these thoughts, and with a startled awakening in the middle of the night, I had an answer.
When the rain washes you clean you'll think you know
You’re a writer. It was simple and clear. As I took a deep breath, I smiled warmly, was grateful, and with ease fell back to sleep.
You'll know

~ Ellyn