Saturday, June 30, 2018

Life’s for the Living

Bonfires and neighbours, long walks and the moon, sleeping in and coffee on the verandah, #runningoncountryroads and reading for as long as I want, my yoga practise and meditating. And then, with a glass of red accompanying my dinner, back on the verandah this evening.

The first day of summer has been absolutely perfect and my mama would be so happy for me that I love and appreciate my life. She has been gone from this earth for almost 14 years, but not really. At the time of her death, my friend Barbara told me to never stop noticing her presence and I am grateful to see her in every area of my life.

Her favourite vehicle was a lime green Volkswagen beetle and even my babies see those throughout their travels. When Jillian landed in Belfast, earlier this year, my mom’s favourite place, three different ones crossed her path before she had arrived at her hostel.

Thanks my mama, I love you. And also, like you, I continue to be enraptured by life and I am living!

~ Ellyn