Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Thank You...

This week, my girly headed to a new school. Actually, it is high school that is now upon her. She was filled with excitement, anticipation and a little bit of nervousness for a new and wonderful time in her life and I hope that her dreams are fulfilled.
Because we live on a farm in a rural area that does not house a senior high, my children are bussed to another town for high school. Not too many years ago, we almost didn’t have an elementary or junior high school.
Sixteen years ago, when we moved to my husband’s family farm, I was expecting Jillian and received a call from a principal from a neighbouring school, informing me that my community school was about to be closed due to decreasing enrolment. He asked me if I was interested in coming to a meeting about it. My son Max was a preschooler and with a baby on the way, I could no more imagine school for them than much else that has come their way, but I chose to go to the meeting.
With a lot of hard work, determination and perseverance, the school closed for one day and was reopened the next, through another district. Each year, no one knew whether it would stay open or not but we chose, as a community, to offer as much support financially and otherwise to save and keep it.  I am in awe that we have created an amazing little country, family oriented school.
I had no idea that my children, now in grade 10 and 12, would be able to attend their local community school for the entire time that they needed to, but it happened and I am grateful.
Now, it is time to move in a different circle and support a new school as much as I supported my children’s early years school.
Thank you Mother Teresa School and the community of Halkirk for all of these fabulous years!
Mother Teresa School in Halkirk