Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Making ToDo Lists

I love lists and learned long ago that I am okay with not getting everything done on my To-Do list and that as long as I create one, I typically get much done.

Today's list looks likes this:

- finish posters
- place ads
- clean bathrooms
- laundry
- roast and freeze beets
- make popcorn cake for Award's Night tonight
- clean up veranda flower pots
- make hair appointments for Max and Brent
- run
- write
- meditate
- read
- finish presentation
- be at school at 3:30 to set up for tonight

Although I meditate in the shower and before sleep, I also schedule in a specific one to do because otherwise I may get wrapped up in the todos of my day and neglect to take that time especially for me. I feel the same way about reading and exercise knowing that I function at a high level of gratefulness, if I make time for these.

Are you a list maker?


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