Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mmm… I love Running

I have been running for about eight years now. At least I think it has been eight years. I would actually have to sit down and calculate it because it is such a part of who I am, that I just know, I am runner.
I have only ever run faster and further than I should have, once, with a friend, and I think that is why I have never been injured. However, the other phenomenon is that I have never been bored or tired of it. When I first began running, I entered in a few races but quickly discovered that I have no desire to compete, better my time nor change my distance. I am happy to run in order to raise awareness or money for a cause, but mostly, I just love running.
Along with my two Golden Retrievers, I run out of my door on this country road that I live on, no more than 4-5 km at a time. I run everyday that I am at home and able to. Sometimes that means seven days a week and sometimes that means three.
Every once in a while, I lose myself completely in my run. Losing myself… Odd idea but for a lack of better words this is what I call it. Quite possibly, meditation is a better word for what happens. Today was one such time. It is January 5th the country road is dry with only traces of snow in the fields and pastures and the temperature was +5 Celsius when I ran. This is so unusual and for as much as I love winter, today, clad in one layer of running clothes, it felt like spring – rebirth and an awakening time.  
Home from a run - Fall 2010
I am grateful to have found the exercise that resonates within and without my entire being and invite you to tell me if you have found such a practise, and if so, what?

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