Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Brief Post...

My posts vary in length. Some writings need more elaborating, not for the intended reader, but for me, the writer.
I write for me. Not for any particular audience, a corporation who has asked me to endorse a product, or for a set number of people, but because I am compelled to sit here and write.
I have written for others, for their deadlines, and am grateful that presently, I can set my own deadlines. Deadlines are one way of not getting sidetracked but most importantly, for me, they are ways for me to honour my writing and let people who are close to me know that I am at work.
When I first stayed home to write, I struggled with stating what it was that I was doing at home all day. It seemed to me that others thought that if I wasn’t leaving the house to work, I wasn’t working. But maybe that was just me, making that assumption because I was struggling with justifying what I did.
Fast forward a few years and I see the volumes of writings before me and I know how healthy these words on the paper have assisted me in being. Will any of it ever be published in the form that I desire it to be?
Yes, why of course.
~ Ellyn