Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We Are Paleo Creatures - 2

We are paleo creatures and have been since September 1, 2012. I began researching the paleo lifestyle, which was gaining popularity, in February of that year, mainly because my husband was increasing his insulin injections, was feeling sluggish and had fallen into a slump regarding his health. I had asked my teens to jump on board with us for the month of September and that if the way of eating didn’t suit them or us, we would make another decision. Quite surprisingly, Brent cut his insulin in half, steadily lost a little weight and we were all feeling like we had more energy. By November, our active and athletic teens felt that their lunches weren’t satisfying enough and we added wraps to theirs but did not add any other grain products to their diet and continued with a complete paleo lifestyle for Brent and me.
Enter December.
With parties and gatherings, grandma’s fudge and Christmas cake, we fell off the paleo wagon. Ugh! Any bugs that were in the air that landed on us, took hold and 3 of us battled colds and sore throats and yet we continued to choose mouth-tasting foods with gluten and sugar in them over good-for-our-body foods.
The thing is, we knew that we were feeling lousy and yet we continued to choose these old favourites. I know that we are what we eat and that we were not appreciating the miraculous way in which our immune system works, which relies on the lining of the intestinal tract to help it work properly.
It will take some time to rid our bodies once again of the toxins that we willingly popped into them, but we will do it! The article about our complex immune system that I want to share with you today comes from one of my favourite blogs, The Paleo Diet Lifestyle as well as one of our favourite mealtime recipes from Irey's Kitchen in Australia.
Enjoy and stay tuned for follow-up posts.

~ Ellyn

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