Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The worst thing for me about eating as healthily as I do is that I no longer want to drink my morning coffee, and that makes me sad.
I started drinking coffee in my mid thirties when my babies were no longer nursing and I was visiting with other moms. Right around that time my husband began drinking coffee as well, and then… we became coffee snobs. We have been grinding Organic Fair Trade dark roasted beans and French pressing a small pot of coffee for many years now and our at-home coffee is our favourite of all the coffees we consume. Having a morning coffee is an aesthetic experience for me. It allows me to sit still and be grateful. The sound of the grinder, the aroma that lingers, the waiting as the grounds infuse… and I still love that first sip, but then I don’t want anymore. I know that it is a good thing but the entire experience of having a morning cup is what I will miss when I give it up. Until then, I’ll continue to smile warmly and breathe in the entire encounter… 
~ Ellyn

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