Monday, February 4, 2013

Social Media Acceptance...

There must be as many reasons to use Social Media as there are people using Social Media and just because I use it for sharing information, collaborating and connecting with like beings, doesn’t mean that my way is right. 
It merely just is. 
When I first joined Facebook and Twitter, I lurked and knew that I was learning from that lurking. It didn’t take me very long to see that information, love, laughter, peace and harmony could come through these places as well as through the course of blogging, Google+, Pinterest etc. If I don’t like what a contact posts, I don’t have to follow or read them. It’s my choice but not my place to judge how they use it. So pin, converse and blog on, post what you will with whatever intent you have for posting and I’ll see you in the web… or not.

~ Ellyn

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