Sunday, March 28, 2010

That Original Feeling...

Recently a friend remarked on how his grandparents had been married for sixty-eight years and counting. This hit a chord inside of me. A very deep resounding chord. It struck me so much so that I felt compelled to bow in awe.

Many years ago now, I gave up wondering why certain people chose to marry each other and how some couples seemed to stay together while others did not. Back then, I had come to the realization that I couldn’t begin to comprehend the complexities of love, devotion, commitment, needs, beliefs… But sixty-eight years married is an amazing accomplishment indeed and I began to think about the challenges that they might have faced together or individually within that marriage.

On April 10th, my husband and I will have been married for seventeen years and I remember the day that I fell in love with him. Actually, I remember the moment. I was sitting in a hospital bed and this amazing man that I had known for only six weeks, dashed around the corner of my semi-private room divider with hope resting on his entire face, that I was okay. I was seated in bed and… I was more than okay. I grinned and just took this man in, watching his every move, listening to his every word. His care and concern for me wasn’t new. I had been fortunate to have been well loved my entire life and had had other men in my life who held me in high esteem. But somehow, this felt different. Brent and I were in our thirties with well-established careers, knew our strengths and what we wanted in life, when our paths intersected and we both knew that it felt right being together.

Now fast-forward eighteen years from the first time I met him and with two beautiful children that we have been gifted, the greatest challenge I face is to take the time to allow that awestruck feeling to continue to permeate my being, to not take him for granted and become complacent, to hold on to that respect that I have always held for him and to do so with gratefulness and joy. And so as I sit here contemplating my life in this marriage our girly asks if she can turn some music on. “Of course” is my response and the song that rings out is Natasha Bedingfield’s, which causes me to smile at this remarkable Universe of ours and I long for his arms to surround me because that original feeling never went away…



  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    Sitting and watching Grandma and Grandpa has been a bitter-sweet time.

    68 years going and still going. YET they both know that their time is limited.

    I would have a conversation with Grandma and she would tell me that she worries about Grandpa and who will take care of him when she is gone.

    Then I would talk to Grandpa, and he is worried about who will take care of Grandma when he is gone.

    It's kind of sweet in one way, but I have reminded them that it isn't a race and there is no limitations on how many birthdays your allowed.

    And then there is my Mom and Dad. Still going well over 25 years of marriage.

    I would be happy to meet a girl and last longer then 5 years!!!

  2. Thanks Dennis - your tweet about your grandparents certainly inspired this writing. And breathe easy - the ones that haven't lasted more than five years may not have cared about holding your heart tenderly or who would care for you when they leave this earth...