Friday, February 8, 2013

Living Alongside of My Children...

As parents we live for moments when we hear things come out of our babies’ mouths like, “I’m having the best day ever!” Especially when we are raising teenagers in this North American society with the pressures that seem to exist for teens. Yesterday was one such day when my girly saw a glimpse of what joy and satisfaction really feel like.
She is in love with the sport of basketball and although the team they met last night was not nearly as well matched with the skills for the game as our girls are, causing them to win with a final score of 54-24, my girly got 27 of those points. She is dedicated and devoted to playing hard and well and she is only in grade 10. It is an aggressive and fast game and there are times when I wish she didn’t love it so much because I struggle with liking it. But, she does and so be it.
She also just started a new semester with one of her classes being Math. She loves how math works and I marvel at, not only her understanding of mathematics, but of how well she is able to convey that to someone else. She has stepped into the mode of tutoring and feels a sense of satisfaction when another student responds with understanding and thankfulness for her help. This takes me back to a time when she was much younger and she walked in after school with a great sigh and announced that if the teacher would just let her work a little bit longer with Jimmy, he would get it! I doubt that Jillian will choose teaching for a career, but for now she has answered the call to be one. When we honour a call, we are gifted with a deep sense of satisfaction. Through Jillian's simple act, I get to be enraptured by this life that I live, alongside her…

~ Ellyn