Sunday, February 24, 2013

On Moving Slowly...

I’m at home today, moving slowly, thankfully.
When my children were in Junior High school, they were still trying on various musical and athletic pursuits and we seemed to be always going somewhere. It was then that I insisted that they only choose one team pursuit at a time, be it musical or sport. I knew that eventually team obligations would coincide and that they would end up letting one team down. I also began to notice sleep deprived children who seemed burned out at a young age, but also so many kids who were wrapped up in an outside-their-home type activity, that they no longer seemed to know how to just move slowly and create something from their inner passions.
This endeavour to move slowly has afforded us the opportunity to have much more time at home, eating our home food over packing some and eating from concessions some, but most importantly it has taught my children that being busy is overrated. It is okay to move slowly and choose carefully before saying yes to an activity.
Peace comes when I move slowly.
Gratefulness abounds when I move slowly.
Deep authentic listening emerges from moving slowly.
This doesn’t mean that we don’t have moments of busyness, but we all know that it will be focused on one undertaking and that when we are home, it will not be a time to just get ready for the next venture or commitment, it will be a time to move slowly and be at peace.
~ Ellyn