Monday, March 25, 2013

I Know What's Good For Me

I spend most of my days writing. I love how words flow out of me and onto the page and I love sharing those words with others. That doesn’t mean that those words come easily. Quite the contrary actually. It takes an extraordinary amount of time and energy to fall into that place where words just flow, but I keep at it. There are days that are more challenging than others and when I find myself avoiding the paper, I turn to inspirations that help me get back here.
It is my children’s spring break week and my thoughts are with my girly, travelling in France and Spain and with my son who is home working on his own writing and immersed in all sorts of activities. When someone is caught up in my energy, I find it challenging to escape from it in order to write, and so I exercise, I meditate and I marvel at the inspirations that come across my desk trying to honour them and be grateful that they have found their way to me.
Today, is Monday, an editing day for me. I am working on a longer piece that requires much editing but because I can get hung up in this process, I only allow myself one day a week to actually edit. As I sit here, stuck, thinking I might toss it in and see if Max wants to do something, I am sent this message from a friend, “You may not have realized that the thing you want, is the thing you most resist.” And then I slip onto Facebook® to see if there is any news from my girly and I see a message from someone else that says, “What you resist, persists.”  My intended interruptions and avoidances and then the reminders to get back at it, make me smile warmly. I guess I’ll pour another cup of coffee and step back onto the page…
~ Ellyn

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