Tuesday, March 5, 2013

9000 Reasons to Live

   I have this friend with whom I can talk to about absolutely anything… anything! The conversations we have, become, rich dialogues that cause one of us to research even more, dialogues to help one of us let go of strong emotions, questions propelling us into yet another discussion, chats about unique recipes or simply, advice.
   She and I create opportunities to be together to do just this and if time has passed and we are unable to, we send each other inspiring TED Talks, articles, thoughts or ideas and parley via email.
We have been fortunate to attend many conferences and lectures together, as well as sit quietly on the veranda for the occasional Happy Hour. Recently and while travelling to a medical appointment together, we were discussing the sadness that a mutual friend is experiencing, holding him gently in our hearts. Without judgment and with outmost verve, she announced that she is so lucky to have “9000 reasons to live!” I love when declarations burst out of her and I smiled warmly nodding my head. 
   Yes you do my friend, yes you do!
   Happy Birthday Kaye, I’ll see you soon…
   ~ Ellyn
Nola, Monica, Ellyn, Kaye

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