Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More On Writing...

Lately, I have been writing voraciously. Everything around me is inspiring and I love it! I even get into these little modes where I growl if someone comes to the door, or phones, because don’t they know, I’m busy writing! I am a disciplined person and even though I am currently a stay-at-home mom, working, I live by a day plan, week plan and keep my short and long-term goals in check. When I find myself stuck with no words emerging, besides listening to the whispers that find their way to me, I turn to a few blogs that I follow. I want to share these webspaces with the world because they have helped me immensely as a writer and I know that I will continue to allow them to assist me in the future.
Thank you @thecreativepenn AKA Joanna Penn, who is not only a writer herself but shares a wealth of information from a collective of writers via her blog.
Thank you Writer’s Digest, for your free downloadable worksheets that assist me in focusing on specific areas of my writings and help me to flesh out characters.
Thank you @ExtremelyAvg Brian Meeks, you are an inspiration to other writers surrounding determination and discipline. I admire the way you persevere with your writing and am in awe with how well you name things.
Thank you @MargaretAtwood for setting the bar high. Your writing is extraordinarily tight and as a young adult, caused me to become a Canadian Literature snob.
And thank you @so_you_know Annie Q. Syed, for writing from your heart and connecting rich ideas through stillness.
There are others that pop in and out of my writing life like @ejskyline who ground me and help me with structure. For all of these real tweople, I am truly grateful.
~ Ellyn


  1. I am honored to be included in such a list. You've made my day.

  2. Me, too. Thanks, Ellyn.

  3. thank you.

    Thank YOU for writing.

    with gratitude,


  4. Thank you Brian, Elaine and Annie for your continued encouragement.

    ~ Ellyn....