Monday, March 11, 2013

On Collecting Words...

I am not a collector of stuff, but I am a collector of words, phrases, thoughts and ideas.
I find inspiration in bumper sticker like phrases that help me to live… better. I swallow entire thoughts and let them swirl around inside of me, or allow them to roll off of my tongue in a variety of ways giving them the freedom to bounce in and around me. It is during this bouncing phase that I am either brought to tears or any such other way of emoting, and through these emotions, I gain clarity and peace, smiling warmly, relaxing and breathing easier.
This is one reason why I am a good literature snob, being choosy about the books that I read as well as the movies that I watch. I have given words power and permit them to stay with me for a very long time. They become a part of who I am and I insist that the words that form ideas and thoughts that I read and listen to, be tight and come from someone’s heart. I need a story to come full circle and if there is no resolution to be had, I need to sense honesty within the story that doesn’t allow for a resolution.
I am enraptured by words and have given them a life.
I am a collector of words, phrases, thoughts and ideas, are you?
~ Ellyn
Thank you Annie Q. Syed for your Still Sundays