Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Little School That Does!

Even though my teens are in high school and no longer attend our local community school, my heart is there.
I grew up in a city, graduated with 398 others and never dreamed that I would send my children to a small rural school. Following University and a few years of teaching in large school systems, I accepted a teaching position in a little country school and ended up falling in love with rural education. I saw how efficient, successful and honouring it is for a school to operate like a family. This past weekend demonstrated this to the rest of the province as well. A week ago, our local girls’ basketball team won the championship for their area and this past weekend headed off to CWAJHAA, Provincials, where they worked hard to bring home the silver. They had seven girls on their bench compared to teams who had two or three lines. Other teams, who had heard that our little school had forty students, assumed that we had forty students in Junior High, only to find out that forty students was the entire school student body from grades 1-9.
I want these kids to be proud of this achievement because it is indeed an accomplishment worthy of just that. Bravo Girls, Bravo!

~ Ellyn
A Sparky Teammate!
The Little School That Does!


  1. Bravo girls! I wrote a post with a similar title last week but was too tired to edit after that weekend. I'll have to post it soon.

    1. Thanks Laura and I'm sure it was a very cool weekend!
      ~ Ellyn